Our philosophy is rooted in a comprehensive approach that spans five essential segments Climate & Energy, Access & Security, Insights,  Communication and HSE.
Emission free & sustainable construction sites are now within your reach.

Fueled by extensive data resources, our platform offers innovative climate and energy solutions to optimize resource consumption and reduce environmental impact.
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For your safety
Our unique geofence technology, the heart of our solutions, empowers you to remotely manage all access controls on your sites, no matter where you are.

Our platform ensures proper check-ins, compliance with legal requirements, and reduces the risk of social dumping and labor-related crimes. With our global control platform, you gain full control over access and security, no matter where your projects are located.
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Unlock comprehensive insights with our advanced analytics tool.

Compare active projects with historical ones to track sustainability, efficiency, and costs. Experience an overview that sets a new standard in project insight for our clients. Gain valuable data on CO2 emissions, kWh consumption, check-ins, charging, battery SOC, accidents, and more..
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A simplified and targeted communication solution accessible to individuals at all access levels. Our platform facilitates faster and smarter decision-making processes, finely tuned for the construction industry.

Serving as a central communication hub, Naeva accelerates progress on construction sites by offering a suite of essential tools, including document sharing, e-signatures, calls, video conferencing, announcements, and group messaging.
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HEALTH & safety
At Naeva, your well-being on the construction site is our top priority. Our platform integrates health and safety features, utilizing the latest technologies to proactively monitor and manage potential risks. 

From real-time safety alerts to robust compliance tools, Naeva ensures that everyone feels secure and empowered while working on-site.
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