Naeva transforms the construction industry by combining electrification and digital technologies, leading the way for a sustainable, zero-emission future.
For years, the world's largest land-based industry faced a maze of supposed efficiency solutions, only to be trapped in a web of incompatible systems. This complicated workflows and clouded insights into energy use and environmental impact at construction sites.

Imagine if all our needs were unified from the start? A solution offering seamless, efficient work experiences, with clear insights and a reduced environmental footprint. That's what we have done.

Naeva - where digitalization and electrification meet sustainability and zero emissions in construction.
No one can do it alone
Together, we build the future
Our partnerships across the Nordic and European regions demonstrate our commitment to collaboration in solving the industry's most pressing issues.

Together, we're not just changing the game; we're setting new standards for sustainability and innovation at a global level.
A world where construction sites thrive on digital efficiency and green energy.
Integrating these goals into our core operations and strategy, we strive to not only contribute positively to these global objectives but also to inspire action within our industry and beyond.

For Naeva, advancing these SDGs is at the heart of our mission, shaping the solutions we create and the impact we aim to achieve.
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