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The Pulse of Your Construction Site
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Naeva and Satema -  Smart distributor
Build Sustainably with Naeva and Satema
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Live and historical data

Gain a complete overview with an all-inclusive analytical tool.
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Automated climate accounting

Maintain full oversight of electricity usage to ensure precise environmental reports.
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Reduced downtime

Technology that keeps your projects going.
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Immediate identification of errors through advanced data insight.
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Enhanced responsiveness and safety with visual alerts from the LED bar.
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Reduced consumption

Lower emissions, reduce usage, and decrease expenses.
Cost-effective and Simple
Get to know our smart transformer
Power measurement
Naeva measures all inputs and outputs to provide an accurate picture of power consumption on construction sites.
LED bar
Enhanced safety and responsiveness with visual alerts from the LED bar.
Continuous 'Heartbeat' monitoring ensures your projects remain active and efficient.
The core of the smart transformers
Unveil the capabilities of Naeva's IoT device at the heart of revolutionizing power management in the construction sector.
Measurement at main switch
Our transformers enable monitoring of total consumption per transformer. Available for both existing and new setups.
Fuse monitoring
New transformers not only monitor main intakes but also provide detailed tracking of each fuse.
Ambient temperature & humidity
Measurements of temperature and humidity are included in new transformers, ensuring dependable climate monitoring wherever there's power.
Always keep track of where the transformers are, whether on a construction site or in storage. Let the geofence solution keep control for you.
Critical metric measurement
Our system delivers critical metric measurements, including oil level, oil temperature, power quality, TVOC, gas monitoring, and more, ensuring comprehensive and precise monitoring.
Status for relay disconnection
Features built-in status for relay disconnection, ensuring reliable and efficient operation with enhanced control over your power systems.
Power quality
Our systems ensure superior power quality monitoring, providing reliable and efficient energy management for optimal performance.
First edition
Main switch measurement
Output measurement
Temperature measurement
Humidity measurement
Status for relay disconnection
Power quality
LED bar
Critical metric measurement
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